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This is a wiki for Blue Caravan, a roleplay on the popular website Gaiaonline.

Open for anyone to edit, this wiki serves as a resource for new and veteran RP members alike.

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"Why do you wish to join us? ... No, don't answer. That you're here is answer enough. We only ask that you help guard the caravan, keep it safe from bandits and other perils of the road if you can. And don't ask too many questions. Everyone here has their own secrets, and if you don't ask about ours, we won't ask for yours. . .""

Blue Caravan is a medieval fantasy group roleplay for literate level roleplayers. Its earliest roots date back to January 8, 2010 when it was started by f i r e f l y skies. Upon an unsuccessful run of four pages, Zevran Arainai took up the mantle and restarted the roleplay within the same month. Since then, leadership of this RP has been passed between hands, from Argentine.the.Tangerine to Watervoir now. The current story has been running solidly for more than three years, and has spanned over 170 pages and counting. Blue Caravan is generally not accepting new players, but it opens recruitment from time to time when the story allows it.

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How To Edit The Pages

  1. Please add information into the pages only when it has been made official. That is to say, when it has been put on the front page by the GM(Watervoir) or was mentioned in posts in the roleplay.
  2. Cite the place or post in which the information is sourced from.
  3. Add the article to a category so it can be found later.
  4. If there is new information run it through the GM so that it can be canon.

Pages To Be Started

  • Dragons
  • Dragon Lilies
  • Lady and Sir Innamour
  • Innamour Castle
  • Cantarta
  • Bedford
  • Kemun's Village
  • Treasure Rooms (and treasures)

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